What we offer:

'the firm' provides:

Career Mentoring

One on One mentoring with a professional already employed in the career field the student aspires to. This pairing provides the student with a framework for their goal, and it allows them to see a Dream in fruition. 

Professional Development

Professional development workshops will focus on interview skills, resume writing and professional etiquette.A minimum of twice per year 'The Firm' will provide two day workshops in the aforementioned areas. These teachings will prepare the mentee for shadowing in the field and when applying for professional school programs. Students will learn the art of conveying their dreams.


Career exposure through shadowing, volunteering and internships will put mentees in the career atmosphere and allow them to meet those working in the field. This interaction not only fosters a deeper connection with the mentor but also with others in the workplace. The mentee will experience what it feels like to be in their dream career.


Grant funds will be used to reduce the cost of testing and school application fees for eligible mentees. Seeking higher education can be an expensive venture and we understand that. We're here to help!