What we offer:

If your answer was 'no' you're in the right place. The 'Firm' will place mentees in the thick of the career field of their choosing. One of the major components of this program is career exposure-- shadowing. A minimum of once every 8 weeks mentees will be expected to shadow their mentor in the workplace. This will put future lawyers in the court rooms and aspiring physicians in the hospitals. All mentees will be exposed to the day to day of their career choice.

​While you're shadowing you will undoubtedly meet others in the workplace whose curiosity will likely bring them to ask you what you're life plans are. Your workshop training will have prepared you for this very moment, and you will effectively share your life goals. First impressions are the only impressions that matter and you will make a memorable one. 

Shadowing also is a major plus for those mentees applying to professional schools where previous experience in the field is suggested. For example, most Physician Assistant application requirements state an applicant must have 2000 hours of patient contact. For someone who have never worked in healthcare this could pose a problem. However, not for our mentees as shadowing hours count towards the required hours. 


Do you know someone that works in your desired profession?

Have you ever held a job within the career field that you aspire to?