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The Foundation

'The Firm' is a network of career professionals dedicated to the nurturing, exposure and mentoring of the next generation of professionals. We are vast in career fields, ethnicities and backgrounds but we all share a common passion for mentoring. 

NUrture. Expose. mentor

The Mentoring Firm, Inc. is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) approved) founded on career exposure. Initially geared to undergraduate juniors and seniors the program will evolve to include high school students. To see a successful professional is one dimension and to know how they came to be is the most important facet. This is the principle by which we stand firm. The 'how to' of success, the 'I can do that too' and the "yes you can,' are seeds we will sow.  It is our hope that with exposure to their desired career field and nurturing of their dreams that students will surpass the accomplishments of their mentors. While studies note that more students are starting college still only about 50% are graduating. Evaluation of the study in Inside Higher Education  writers suggest that mentors could be the game changer.

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